I am 37 years old (as of May 2015). I used to work as a manager in a premier Management Consulting firm until Sep 2011. I just found running more enjoyable and quit my job to become a full-time coach. I have been running for almost 14 years now. I had no running history before 2001. For that matter, nobody in my family has ever played any sport with any competence. I used to be a plump kid for a while. Then I just grew up to become a fat adult. I just decided to change this one fine day. So I know what it is to train as an ordinary person who has no sporting history. I have run 21 marathons and run a half marathon almost once a week (sometimes two). I started with a half marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes in 2004 and a full marathon in 2005 (in 5 hours 4 minutes) with little training or even an idea on how to train. I just ran them on a whim. So I began training since I thought I could improve with training. As recently as in 2009, I ran 10K in 47 minutes and 51 seconds.

However I ran without a coach till January 2011. My best marathon till then was in 4:00:18 at the New Jersey Marathon in 2007. In fact, in Jan 2011, I ran the Mumbai Marathon in 4:05:20.

In 2011, I found an amazing coach and trained under him in the US for ~4 months. I ran 2 half marathons in about 1 hour 30 minutes each and a full marathon in 3:09:46 in May 2011, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, for the first time in my life.

I would love to show you what you can do with targeted training.

I love to run. It has changed my life. It could change yours too.

One of my trainees who is Singapore based, came up with interesting names for my coaching options - remote and on location in Bangalore. He calls the remote model (internet/telephone based) as the "Ekalavya" model and the on-location one as "Arjuna" model. I have loved the terms enough to quickly appropriate them.

Personal bests:
Marathon: 03:04:16
Half Marathon: 1:27:02
10k: 39:45