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About Drava

Drava is engaged in the business of running and fitness. Its activities include coaching, conducting talks on running for individuals and institutions.

An introduction to how we coach

Please read this before you proceed.

If you are interested please fill up the questionnaire at which we use to have discussions with potential trainees. It helps us avoid asking standard questions and focus on specific queries of yours when we talk. It also helps us not miss obvious queries at the beginning. We don't coach people for less than 12 weeks since we believe it isn't enough time to make significant changes to one's performances in less than that duration.

Once you have done that, we will talk and work out specifics like locations, timings, fees, etc. In case you are outside Bangalore and want to be coached remotely (Yes, there is such a thing. Even some elite athletes train like that) wherein we design a custom-training plan, track you on a daily basis, have weekly discussions on the phone or Skype, etc, mail us and we shall work something out.

Our Fees

We charge INR 14,000/- for 12-16 weeks for Bangalore based trainees

Remote trainees

INR 12,000/- for 12-16 weeks

Coaches Dharmendra and Athreya are based out of Bangalore, India.

I love to run. It has changed my life. It could change yours too.

In Jan 2011, I ran my 5th Mumbai Marathon in 4:05:20. I had run 10 marathons or distances over that till then and never managed to break even 4 hours for a marathon. 14 weeks later, under the guidance of an amazing coach, I ran a marathon in 3:09:46.

I enjoyed that experience so much that I quit my job soon after and took up full-time coaching, while continuing to enjoy my running, to this day. You may not need to quit your job but you could try and improve your running under the guidance of a coach.

I would love to show you what you can do with targeted training.

Personal bests:
Marathon: 03:04:16
Half Marathon: 1:27:02
10k: 39:45

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I love to run trails and spend the rest of my time designing for digital and print.

I started running 10 years ago and have never looked back since. Most of my experience has been experience gained through personal experiences. I have run several marathons and a few ultras (mainly 50,75 and 100k).

In 2011 I got my first customized training plan. I went from 3.30 Marathon in February to a 3.08 in December.

In 2015 I decided to spend more time training and also training people, so quit my job and joined Dharmendra full time.

Personal bests:
100k: 12:06:18 (2010)
50k: 03:58:56
Marathon: 03:07:45 (2011)
Half Marathon: 1:26:33 (2015)
10k: 39:30

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